February 20, 2013

News: @LilJon Partners With Zumba Fitness

Lil Jon is an amazing money maker. The guy went from being the poster boy of music to fight to in the club, to an EDM/reality star. Some might hate, I say he’s just smart at getting to the money. So smart that he recently created a single for Zumba Fitness. The song entitled “Work” was created for Zumba workout videos, but has also been doing well in the club scene. So well that Zumba and Lil Jon will be doing a mini-tour of sorts, hitting 4 nightclubs across the US with a special guest at each stop. This isn’t the first song created specifically for Zumba. Don Omar made the first song “Zumba”, and Pitbull created the “Pause (Zumba Mix)”. Shouts to Billboard.

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