January 18, 2013

Video: @uptownxo “Flowers”

Directed by Backie Thomas

Uptown XO releases more visuals in anticipation of his Mello Music Group debut Colour de Grey due out on January 29. Read below for more info:

Uptown XO continues to offer raw emotive rhymes that open windows to his world. The cold, gun toting exterior often belies the humanity behind it all.  XO offers a story not unlike many with scarface dreams born of section 8, but fresh in its minutia the way only truth can be.  The disection of this textured story’s cycle from evictions as a youth to the echos from the fridge; from the sales of kush in orange bubbles, to the understanding of how it employs the lawyers, the judges, the DA, and the jail workers; -  all poignantly wrapped in the phrase “damn, ni&&as just didn’t want to flip burgers.”  Earnest reflection over ill production. The sometimes morbid take on life culminates with the mantra “I got mouths to feed till they put flowers on me.” 
AB The Pro produces the haunting track for Uptown XO to reflect and lay relish over, while director Backie Thomas creates stark visuals, brilliant in color, framing, and movement.    It’s all prelude to the new album “Colour de Grey” coming from Mello Music Group Janaury 29th.
Colour de Grey Pre-Order Links:
Fat Beats
Mello Music Group (website)
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