November 23, 2012

News: Ford Fusion Enlists Tupac Shakur For New Commercial

I think Biggie said it best when he said, “Never thought hip-hop could take it this far”. 2012 has been a huge year for hip-hip in the corporate world. From music placements to the obvious influence in commercials, the music lives on. Ford Fusion enlists Tupac’s “A Rose That Grew From The Concrete”  poem in their latest television ad.

The fully integrated advert entitled, “A Rose,” debuted this Monday, Nov. 19, and includes radio and print ads in addition to a digital execution featuring a series of web videos that will live on Ford’s website. Ander Royo (HBO’s “The Wire,” NBC’s “Heroes”) stars in the commercial, which includes a voice-over reciting the late, great Tupac Shakur’s poem.


Props to Vibe

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