October 28, 2011

News: ASAP Rocky Signs $3 Million Deal

As we said before, ASAP Rocky signed with Pologrounds/RCA… but for how much? $3 Million is the answer. Check out what he said to Pitchfork below:

Pitchfork: A lot of rappers are moving away from big record deals and, as recently as last month, it seemed like you didn’t want to sign with a major, either. What changed your mind?

A$AP Rocky: About three million dollars. [Other rappers who don't sign] are smart, but I feel like Sony/RCA is a family and the people there actually care about me. When I came to meet [Polo Grounds Music founder] Bryan Leach, I got to know him on a personal level– he would set up car service for me to go to other labels. He wanted to see me make it. He’s from Harlem.

I’m going to have creative control; there’s no bullshit. The situation is almost unrealistic. I mean, five months ago I had about $3,000 in my bank account. Now I’m worth $3 million. Nobody’s gotten a deal like that since 50 Cent.

Shouts to RR

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  2. Jeron E. Moe says:

    he’s the new trick. act a fool, clown, make a scene, get in fights, self-destruct and make money for the overlords. best of luck.

  3. ???? says:

    Check out those rings on his fingers…

  4. Decent deal, especially for these times.

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  1. [...] יאמן שככה A$AP Rocky נשמע אחרי שהוא מכר את נשמתו לשטן. בגיהנום הכי למדו לאהוב את [...]

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