October 27, 2010

News: Shyne Apologizes To LA Reid

Shyne retracts his statements about Def Jam head honcho LA Reid in a article on xxl online. Shyne mentions that he was wrong in his assessment of Reid and was acting “Carl Thomas emotional” and needed to stop and look at the facts. The facts that Shyne was referring to were the reasons why he chose to do business with LA Reid in the first place. Shyne mentions the things Reid has done for him while he was incarcerated and also praised Reid’s decorated 100 million records sold background. Shyne talks about Reid’s experience from working with and influencing the best of the best in the music business. Shyne puts Reid with the greats such as Berry Gordy, Quincy Jones, and Russell Simmons wishing he could discover the next Usher or TLC or Toni Braxton. Hopefully Shyne’s statement can help LA Reid keep his gig at Def Jam.

For the Statement Check XXL

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